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Groundwater Country Music Festival

If you were to design a city specifically to stage spectacular and successful, world-class major events, it would look a lot like the Gold Coast.

Idyllic sub-tropical climate? Check. World-class facilities and infrastructure? Check. Stunning natural environment? Check. Enthusiastic crowds? Check. Supportive government agencies ready to help nurture your event from concept to delivery? Check.

Experience Gold Coast Events

The Experience Gold Coast Events team welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with you on your next event on the Gold Coast.  EGC’s Event Partnerships Program offers funding for major events that attract national and international visitation and contribute to positioning the Gold Coast as one of the most sought-after destinations to present an event, attend an event and participate in an event – the ultimate events destination.

Experience Gold Coast Events

Business Events Gold Coast

One in two business conferences held in Queensland meet on the Gold Coast. The dedicated local business events team at Destination Gold Coast can help you plan and promote your next business event.

Destination Gold Coast


City of Gold Coast – events

If you’re an event organiser, don’t forget to check-in with the City’s events team for approvals and planning support. As experts assisting hundreds of event organisers each year, the team help to coordinate City stakeholders and applications so you can focus on delivering a superb event.

City of Gold Coast